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Religious studies. Explain the difference between Act and rule utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is described as being either an act or a rule. Act utilitarianism was devised by Jeremy Bentham which he believed human beings were motivated by pleasure and pain and therefore they may do anything which brings out 'the greatest
Explain the main differences between Act and Rule Utilitarianism. The theory of Utilitarianism takes its name from the Latin word 'utilis', meaning 'useful'. It was first developed by Jeremy Bentham, a philosopher and legal theorist of the 18th century. Bentham sought to produce a modern and rational approach to morality
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a) Explain the main differences between Act and Rule Utilitarianism (33 marks). Act Utilitarian's supports that, whenever possible the principle of utility must be applied to each individual situation. This was Bentham's idea once he had established that pleasure and pain were important qualities for determining what was
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